If you're a father who loves to ride, you know how the story goes. The bike becomes a garage decoration for a while, until you realize, maybe your kids might like riding. Then, at least you know you can get her back out on the trails, guilt free. When that day came for MotoProHQ owner, Jim he went for it.


His journey back into riding began with a utility trailer, then truck, then toy hauler, and in that time, he got sick of trying to rig together a reliable, secure way that didn't lead to pulling over to readjust bikes. This began his quest to improve on a system that put the straps at an ideal angle, and so on. Then came little brother, ready to ride. This led to another battle of trying to squeeze that third bike onto the trailer or into the truck, which led to the beginning of The 'NiceRack.' Being on the particular side, Jim did not want to drill into his truck, so he began to identify the underutilized features of the truck: stake pockets and anchor points. By that time, he had already been using a telescoping system on his utility trailer, so with all this in mind, he began the build. Never again did Jim agonize over loading up the bikes; heading out to ride with his boys became fun again. 

In 2016, Parkes, Jim's oldest son, encouraged his father to prototype and patent the tiedown system to sell. Parkes said, "If this is something you truly think would benefit other riders and fathers, you should sell it. What are you waiting for?" At that time Parkes was a teen, so the true test begun. Jim as an entrepreneur and businessman didn't want to let his son down. He thought, "This will be a good opportunity to illustrate for Parkes what true discipline, dedication, and follow through looks like." Well, the lessons learned were far more than that. With the pressure of the AimExpo Tradeshow in 2017, Jim's wife Amy began web designing, and the launch to business began. 

Over time, MotoProHQ products prove to be desired and recommended by riders across the country, and yes Canadians as well! With now the father-son owned business, the MotoProHQ team is excited to continue offering and launching new, quality, reliable products built for all riders.