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>>  World's most secure tie-down system

>>  Hauls 3 full size bikes with ease

>>  Easy loading for a single person

>>  1st ever telescopic stabilizer arms

>>  Saves fork seals

>>  Made in America

>>  Absolutely NO drilling

Patent Pending


Scott, rereational rider

Very impressed with The 'NiceRack' system. I have used it for short trips to local riding spots and long trips to West Virginia. The bikes do not become loose or unstable during anything that I have been able to throw at it; this includes a 2 mile trip up an old logging road that was more of a mountain path than a road.  This rack is made to last a lifetime. I love how The 'NiceRack' pulls the bikes into the chock while not compressing the forks to get a locked in bike. I haven't even used any kind of fork saving device since I got The 'NiceRack.'

Andrew, Adventure Motorcycle Magazine

As I worked at a motorcycle dealership, transporting motorcycles was a weekly affair for me. Strapping down bikes used to be a time-consuming puzzle; especially, if I didn't want any of the straps rubbing on the bodywork, spokes, etc. But, The 'NiceRack' cuts down on time necessary to tie down multiple bikes properly. The ability to strap to the rack itself is saving my back from squeezing in between bikes, weaving tie downs through wheels and fenders. 

Jeremy, rider and father of racer

It’s awesome putting my 'NiceRack' in the back of the truck to haul bikes. Whether it is me and my two boys headed to a race or some buddies off for a trail ride, loading/unloading is so simple and secure. With the multiple tie down links I don’t have to mess with figuring out the puzzle of straps and offsets, which is really nice after a day of riding. Plus, the configuration is easy on the fork seals and really secure because of the angles. I never have to worry about something shifting or coming loose.  Well thought out and well made product!  


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The 'NiceRack'

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