Chatter Box X2 Slim-P with WirelessPTT

Chatter Box X2 Slim-P with WirelessPTT

The X2 Slim is the latest in GMRS and FRS communication. The X2 Slim features an extended range in communication in which an unlimited amount riders can communicate within a 2-5 mile radius. Bluetooth technology allows this the X2 Slim to pair with smart phones and GPS devices. The X2 Slim has been simplified and is now operated via a single control knob. This unit comes with the latest in Chatterbox headset technology. Hi-fidelity speakers combined with our noise suppressing microphones allow for clear communication. The X2 Slim is powered by a built-in rechargeable Li-ion battery that lasts up to 8-10 hours of use and 20 hours of standby.





Matt on November 18, 2020

Recently picked up 3 of these after having nothing but trouble with the "Blue Tooth" type systems while out on the single track. These worked amazing!! I was able to coach my younger son from behind, while leading it was much easier to tell the boys left, right or straight at trail intersections. AWESOME!



Jordan on June 23, 2020

After considering all of the Cardo and Sena blue tooth options, we decided to go with the 2 way radio option to avoid BT and mesh issues noted on the other units mentioned. Unlike the other the 2 way radio is tried and true and worked for us like a champ on the single track mountains in Colorado. My boys and I love it! Can't wait to use it to help my wife navigate and improve her skills.



Andre Robitaille on Feb 08, 2020

First time using Chatterbox. We purchased the x2slim combo kit and we love them! Way more range than the Bluetooth communicators we had last year. These are easy to use and held up great on our 5 day snowmobile trip in Northern Ontario. Charged them at night and good to go again in the morning. We were worried about having a hard time getting support because we're in Canada but it truly has been hassle free!! Customer Service is above and beyond! The wireless PTT is great cause you can communicate without taking your hands off the handlebars. 5 stars! Definitely recommend!!