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Riders love hearing about products that just make sense.

Write a review for your MotoProHQ product and share how it's worked for you.


Dereck M.

I absolutely LOVE the 45 degree EZ Chock e-track mounts available at MotoProHQ. Dirtbike Channel has an extensive YouTube video on them. I'm able to squeeze five bikes into a 7x12 enclosed trailer! Not a paid advertisement - my own hard earned money bought these. Hoping to raise awareness so other riders will give these products a try too!


Brad S.

Motoprohq for the win...AGAIN!!!! Got the E-track EZ Chock installed in the new Brappy Toy Hauler. I've got the EZ Chocks in my box trailer and they are awesome! Now a floor mounted version is the ticket. They fit under my bunks so I don't need to remove them when I get to the track.

Brad Smith Toy Hauler.jpg
Brad Smith Toy Hauler2.jpg
Brad Smith.jpg


John G.

Before I bought these amazing wheel chocks I installed e-track. I didn't install it at the 14.5" height like MotoProHQ recommends, but all I did was flip the chock the other way and it works great! The EZ Chock product is top notch. It makes transporting my bike super easy and SECURE. I feel confident when I get to where I'm going because my bike will be in the same position and condition when I get there. I originally ordered two to see how they worked and I wasn't disappointed at all. Since then, I ordered a third, because I found myself now transporting my buddies bike too. I have to say it was a genius idea coming up and making these e-track wall chocks. First of its kind. Excellent quality & price.

John Giglia.jpg


James M.

We were struggling with how to carry equipment and bikes to the races, and still have adequate floor space for our generator and other necessities. MotoProHQ came to the rescue with their innovative e-track wheel chock systems that can be mounted on 0, 45, or 90 degree positions on the floor or wall. We chose the E-track floor mounts, and when positinoed at a 45 degree angle, it opened up a ton of floor space we didnt' have with other options. A great product, responsive company, and Made in the U.S.A., they moto...what else do we need to know.  


Travis F.

We use the NiceRack in the truck all the time to transport many different bikes. We also have 6 EZ Chocks for our 16ft trailer. Great products.  


Tim W.

When my daughter drops the back door, and our riff raff of riding buddies see the line up of 5 bikes in our trailer, the MotoProHQ mounts sell themselves! My family tips our hats to the MotoPro team and great kick ass products.


Scott B.

With the E-track Wall EZ Chocks we can easily fit 4-5 bikes in our 12' trailer, which normally we only have room for 2. With the angle set up, the diagonal allows lots of space. The best part is once we secure the bikes they are not going to move the entire trip. No need to stop and check on them.

Scott Brane 2.JPG
Scott Brane.JPG


Ritchie R.

The NiceRack by MotoProHQ is such a great idea! No drilling and it isn't permanently mounted! Love using it.


Austin R. 

I have been very pleased with the service and product. Absolutely love the EZ Chocks and fitting 4 bikes in my 6x12 trailer is a breeze with plenty of room left over for everyone's gear and then some. I recommend MotoProHQ to everyone I can. 

Austin Rath.jpg
Austin Rath 2.jpg
ADV MOTO Sept-Oct-2018-09.jpg
ADV MOTO Article.jpg
Hearne Testimonial.jpg
Dakota 600 Logo.png

"With the EZ Chock, you are now in total control with where your bikes sit in your trailer. It's the best way I have found. Now I can put a gaggle of bikes in my trailer."  

— Kyle Brotherson

 featured at the 
 Motorcycle Tiedown System

The 'NiceRack'

Scott, rereational rider

Very impressed with The 'NiceRack' system. I have used it for short trips to local riding spots and long trips to West Virginia. The bikes do not become loose or unstable during anything that I have been able to throw at it; this includes a 2 mile trip up an old logging road that was more of a mountain path than a road.  This rack is made to last a lifetime. I love how The 'NiceRack' pulls the bikes into the chock while not compressing the forks to get a locked in bike. I haven't even used any kind of fork saving device since I got The 'NiceRack.'

Andrew, Adventure Motorcycle Magazine

As I worked at a motorcycle dealership, transporting motorcycles was a weekly affair for me. Strapping down bikes used to be a time-consuming puzzle; especially, if I didn't want any of the straps rubbing on the bodywork, spokes, etc. But, The 'NiceRack' cuts down on time necessary to tie down multiple bikes properly. The ability to strap to the rack itself is saving my back from squeezing in between bikes, weaving tie downs through wheels and fenders. 

Jeremy, rider and father of racer

It’s awesome putting my 'NiceRack' in the back of the truck to haul bikes. Whether it is me and my two boys headed to a race or some buddies off for a trail ride, loading/unloading is so simple and secure. With the multiple tie down links I don’t have to mess with figuring out the puzzle of straps and offsets, which is really nice after a day of riding. Plus, the configuration is easy on the fork seals and really secure because of the angles. I never have to worry about something shifting or coming loose.  Well thought out and well made product!  

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